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  • More Than 15 Fun Halloween Lunch Ideas

    on Oct 4, 14 • in Evolving Holidays & Entertaining, Evolving Motherhood, Featured, Holidays, Kid Friendly Lunch • with 10 Comments

    Halloween Lunch Ideas

    While we’re not the house on the block covered in Halloween decorations, and I don’t always start thinking about costumes for the girls until the holiday is nearly upon us I do like to pack a fun Halloween lunch or snacks for Madeline. Sometimes I’ll even pack a few Halloween lunches in the lead up to the big day. I try to keep everything simple to make, healthy, and affordable. I do the same sort of thing for Valentine’s Day too. There is just something about Halloween and Valentine’s Day that makes for fun lunch

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  • Kid-Friendly Lunch: Brunch for Lunch

    on Sep 1, 14 • in Evolving Kids, Kid Friendly Lunch • with No Comments

    waffle dipping lunch 2

    The other day Delaney and I made a mess of our kitchen. We had a blast. Delaney climbed up into Learning Tower and spent quite a bit of time at my side measuring, dumping, stirring, and of course tasting. Lately, I’ll step into the kitchen to start cooking a meal and she comes running saying “Wanna help, Mommy, wanna help.”  I love it. Our Learning Tower makes it easier for me because she’s contained and up higher than her step stool gets her making it less likely that she’ll spill something instead of pouring into the

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  • Kid-Friendly Lunch: Egg Salad Waffle Sandwich

    on Aug 11, 14 • in Kid Friendly Lunch • with No Comments

    egg salad waffle sandwich

    We eat a ton of eggs each week in this house. The four of us eat at least one egg every day- with the exception of Luke who eats more like 3 each day. Scrambled eggs with varying sides of toasted bread products and or fruit is one of our go to breakfast. We also have breakfast for dinner once a week. Sometimes, for varieties sake or timing, eggs just have to make an appearance in the lunch box. Eggs and waffles are a normal sort of pairing, but the difference with this lunch is

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  • Kid-Friendly Lunch: Peanut Butter Dippin’

    on Apr 3, 14 • in Evolving Kids, Kid Friendly Lunch • with No Comments

    dippable lunch idea

      It isn’t news that we love peanut butter in this house. Madeline’s classroom is a nut free zone in her school. So she cannot have nuts in her snacks which they eat in the classroom seated at their desks. She can, however, have nuts in her lunch since there are designated areas for kids with allergies to eat to help keep them safe from allergens. I’ve posted about sometimes falling back on the good ol’ PB&J but my very favorite lunch fallback is the peanut butter dipping lunch. Madeline has loved this lunch for

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  • Kid-Friendly Lunch: Scooping Nachos

    on Mar 27, 14 • in Evolving Kids, Kid Friendly Lunch • with No Comments

    nachos for lunch

      It seems that Mexican food is a favorite in the Evolving Motherhood household. Tacos, tostadas, burritos, nachos, enchiladas, chilaquilies, huevos rancheros, and the like are all welcome here on a weekly basis. I know that whatever dinner I prepare using Mexican flavors  is guaranteed to get praise and requests for seconds… or thirds. I usually make large amounts because just as dinner will be heartily enjoyed, I know leftovers for the lunch the next day will be too. Long live taco night and deconstructed nachos for lunch the next day! What’s in the Laptop

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  • Kid Friendly Lunch: Graham Cracker Sandwiches

    on Mar 20, 14 • in Evolving Kids, Kid Friendly Lunch • with No Comments

    Graham cracker sandwiches with cream cheese and raspberry jam

    It’s funny what sort of things appeal to me. Apple slices thrown haphazardly into a container is just not as appealing as apple slices lined up in a container in a nice orderly straight line. They – whoever they is – say we eat with our eyes first. I kind of agree. I try to keep this in mind when packing lunch for  Madeline every morning. I’m certainly not an amazing bento mom turning turkey sandwiches into profiles of cartoon characters or rice and vegetables into intricate garden scenes, but I do like to have

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  • Kid-Friendly Lunch: Spaghetti Squash with Meat Sauce

    on Mar 13, 14 • in Evolving Kids, Kid Friendly Lunch • with No Comments

    Spaghetti squash leftover

      Spaghetti squash is a seriously exciting vegetable. Unlike other squash varieties when you cooked it doesn’t turn into mush it turns into pasta! Well not true pasta but something so pasta like my family takes no issue if I bake up a large spaghetti squash and serve it topped with pasta sauce just as I would whole wheat Rotini or Linguine. Just as leftover pasta is delicious the next day spaghetti squash leftovers make for a great kid-friendly lunch the next day too. That my friends is just another sign of a magical vegetable. Anytime

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